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Bee Removal and Stinging Pest Elimination with Pest Fighter

Stinging insects, like bees and wasps, love the Greater Seattle area. With its flowers, moisture, and warm-but-not-hot weather. This area is a prime breeding ground for them to begin their colonies.

Bees are beneficial pests. But they are also territorial, and it can be dangerous to keep their hives on your property. If you find that you have bees, hornets, wasps, or any other type of pest, fill out the form below for a free quote or call us at 206-236-BUGS (2847).

Types of Stinging Pests Found in Greater Seattle

Rich in greenery, Seattle – and much of the Pacific Northwest – has many different species of bee and wasp, including:

• Honey Bees
• Bumble Bees
• Paper Wasps
• Hornet
• Yellow Jackets

Wasps, like hornets and yellow jackets, tend to be more dangerous because they are more aggressive and are able to sting multiple times. Bees only attack when threatened and can only sting once before they die.

Types of Bee Treatments

Bees and wasps both have different temperaments and play different roles in the environment. As a result, our bee control services are distinct from our wasp treatment programs.

Honeybees are immensely beneficial to the environment, so we do not exterminate bees or destroy the nests unless there is a specific reason. Instead, we have partnered with a local beekeeper to safely remove and move these colonies. First, we remove the pieces of the bee structure, then we remove the bees as gently as possible, so they are unharmed. Finally, we remove the honeycomb.

Finally, the bees and their honey are moved to a new location with the beekeeper so that the hive can continue to grow.

Types of Wasp Control and Yellow Jacket Removal

For hornets, yellow jackets, paper wasps, and other wasp species, we do use an effective traditional pest control approach. For underground nests, Pest Fighter uses a special treatment that is able to safely penetrate the entire nest and eliminate all of the wasps inside.

When the wasp is in voids in the wall or ceiling, our wasp removal services use a special treatment that is contact-based, meaning it won’t transfer to bees and other beneficial pests.

Wasp and Hornet Prevention Services

If you find you often have these pests on your property, contact us today about our prevention and exclusion services. We’ll utilize preventative treatments that begin any time around May and last for an entire year.

Call Today for Stinging Insect Treatments

Whether you need yellow jacket control, bee removal, or any type of wasp treatment, Pest Fighter is the company to call. With our experience and customer-focused team, we’ll make sure you’re both free of bees and feel comfortable on your property. Call 206-236-BUGS or fill out our quote form below for a free quote.

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