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Expert Spider Control

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Spider Control in Seattle

Hobo Spider in Seattle

Spiders may not be as invasive as ants or as aggressive as yellow jackets, but spiders look scary, act scary, and can cause some painful and dangerous bites if they feel threatened.

All of our year-round treatment options cover spider control and prevention in the Seattle area, and we encourage you to consider these effective programs. But if you have spiders of any kind on your property, we can also provide a more immediate treatment to make sure that they are successfully eliminated. Fill out the form below for a quote or call us at 206-236-BUGS.

The Spiders to Fear

Black Widow in Web

Contrary to popular belief, most spiders in Seattle are not dangerous. They’re frightening, messy, and can cause painful or itchy bites, but only a few are truly dangerous. We handle all different types of spiders at Pest Fighter, but the ones that warrant immediate calls for a spider treatment include:

  • Black Widow Spiders
  • Brown Recluse Spiders
  • Hobo Spiders

These are the spiders that can be genuinely dangerous. The black widow has a highly neurotoxic venom that can be severely painful and possibly deadly. Brown recluse spiders and to a lesser extent, Hobo spiders, have bites that can lead to necrosis – a condition where the skin and tissue around the bite dies.

There are also giant house spiders, wolf spiders, and several other spider species spread throughout the Greater Seattle area. All of them may bite when provoked or leave unattractive abandoned webs all around your home.

Pest Fighter Spider Control Services

Our Seattle Spider Control Service eliminates spiders and creates a barrier to block additional spiders from entering your residence. Pest Fighter only uses the best spider treatments the market has to offer and only use spider control options that are safe for both people and pets.

Our team of pest control experts knows that sometimes you need get rid of spiders right away. We offer same or next day services for those in the local Seattle area who are struggling with the spider population. We also serve commercial properties to keep them pest free.

Call Pest Fighter Today

Spiders are one of many pest problems that affect homes and offices in the Greater Seattle area. At Pest Fighter, we want to make sure that you can live or work without worrying about being surprised by any of these pests. For more information about our spider control services, contact us today at 206-236-BUGS or fill out our form for a no-obligation quote for our services.

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