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Rat Control in Seattle with Pest Fighter Pest Control

The Greater Seattle area has a growing rat problem. As the homes and commercial properties age, they introduce new entrance points for rats to invade. It only takes a hole 20mm – smaller than a quarter – to make your home accessible to rats, and once one rat has entered your property, more tend to follow.

Pest Fighter is the leading Seattle rat control and extermination company, providing comprehensive, guaranteed rat removal solutions for both commercial and residential properties. If you suspect you have rats, contact us today at 206-236-BUGS for an inspection and quote.

Signs of Rat Infestations

The clearest sign of a rat infestation is the presence of rats in and around your property. But most people do not see rats. Instead, they notice other signs and signals of rat invasions. These include:

  • Rat Droppings – Rats poop. They poop a lot. They leave their droppings everywhere they travel, and especially in areas they congregate. If you see rat droppings along walls and near water sources, chances are you have a rat invasion.
  • Noise – Rats scratch and claw inside of walls and baseboards. They are especially active at night, often around 10pm. You may also be able to hear them squeaking or running away if they’re in the room.
  • Smells – Rats have a smell like ammonia. You may also smell “death” if a rat passes away, as the odor they leave behind is foul.

Other signs include damage to bags and property, gnaw marks, lights that no longer work (rats may bite through wires), and what looks like oil and hair around small holes.

How to Tell Whether You Have Rats or Mice
Both rats and mice exhibit similar behaviors, and both have similar signs. The easiest way to tell the difference is that rat droppings are larger. You’re also more likely to find a mouse than a rat, as mice are “braver” while rats typically hide from humans.

Risks of Rat Infestations

Rat invasions can cause many issues around a property. Some are minor inconveniences. Others can be extremely dangerous:

  • Rats Carry Disease – Including the plague, salmonella, leptospirosis.
  • Rats Eat Food – Rats may steal food while also spreading disease.
  • Rats Eat Non-Food – Rats may chew items and through electrical wires, causing a fire risk.
  • Rats Make Noise – Rats can make a lot of unsettling noises throughout the night.

These are only some of the challenges that rats bring to a property.

Rat Control in Seattle: How it Works

Once a rat has found an entrance into the property, it is unlikely to leave. It has access to food, water, and safety. Our rat control services in Seattle are there to help eliminate it. What we do to get rid of rats:

  • Sealing of All Holes – Our team has been trained to identify any possible point of entrance greater than .25 inches, and we seal it using industry approved commercial materials.
  • Strategically Place Traps – We place traps in the most likely areas for rats to travel and congregate and use bait that is known to appeal to them.
  • Consistent Follow Up – Once you’ve caught a rat, we’ll come back and remove it and set up a new trap until they are all eliminated.

We also guarantee our work. If we miss any holes or you continue to see signs of rats, we will come back time and time again until we are confident your rat problem is over.

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