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Mole Control in Seattle with Pest Fighter

Chances are you’ve never seen a mole in your lawn. But you’ve probably seen their hills. Mole hills are the most common sign that there is at least one mole present. Moles damage lawns, kill gardens, and create tunnels above and below ground that cause yards to quickly become uneven.

Pest Fighter is a professional mole removal service that can both encourage moles to leave your property and eliminate moles that remain. For a free quote for mole extermination in Seattle, call 206.236.BUGS or use the form below to schedule an appointment.

What to Know About Moles

Moles are small animals related to hedgehogs that live and burrow underground. They have limited eyesight, but their strong sense of smell and movement sensors help them find food. They feed on insects, especially earthworms. While most of their feeding takes place underground, they will occasionally poke their heads to the surface, causing a soil hill known as a “molehill.”

Moles are yard pests. Their hills can ruin the look of a yard, and their tunnels can kill the roots and affect soil health. They are frequently responsible for the loss of garden plants, as well as holes in the yard. Though they do not carry disease or attack humans, moles do come with some risks, as their hills can become safety hazards while running/walking.

DIY Mole Prevention and Removal

While some pests can be prevented, there is currently no known prevention for moles. You can reduce the likelihood of an infestation by mowing your lawn, using grub prevention sprays, and using raised flower beds. But these will only slightly decrease the likelihood of moles.

How Professional Mole Removal Works

You may want to consider professional mole control, like we offer here at Pest Fighter in Seattle. Our professionals use a scientifically proven approach to clear your yard of moles:

  • We use a special formula that is safe for families and pests that changes the taste of a mole’s favorite food: earthworms. This formula is digested by worms and changes their taste to be far less appealing to moles. Eventually, the moles move on to other properties.
  • Some moles may choose to stay. To exterminate any moles that remain, we put a bait in mole tunnels that looks and tastes like a worm but is actually made of treated rubber. The moles consume the worm and expire.

Our professionals will do our best to remove and eliminate moles on your property and prevent them from coming back.

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