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Mouse Control in Seattle with Pest Fighter Pest Control

Rats may be larger and more destructive. But it’s mice that tend to cause the most distress. Compared to rats, mice are less intelligent rodents that are frequently seen out in the open, breed quickly, and tend to create nests in surprise places that are easy to accidentally access.

Mice are also more than nuisance pests. They can carry many serious, potentially deadly diseases. Pest Fighter is a mice control specialist in the Greater Seattle area. We work with both residential and commercial customers to provide thorough, comprehensive mice extermination and prevention. For a quote and inspection, call 206-236-BUGS.

How to Tell if You Have Mice

If you see a mouse on your property, assume an infestation. Yet oftentimes the signs of mice are more subtle. Pay attention to the following:

  • Mouse Droppings – Mouse poop is smaller than rat poop and looks smaller than a grain of rice. They often leave their droppings by baseboards and near water/food sources.
  • Noises – If the mice are in your walls, you’ll usually hear the pitter patter of little feet at night. Inside, you may also hear what sounds like an animal running away when you open a door.
  • Odor – Mice have a musky smell that becomes more apparent the more mice live on your property.
  • Property damage – You may also see signs that mice have tried to bite into food, cardboard, or other areas of the property. You may also find that a light switch doesn’t work (because a mouse ate through the wire).

Mice can fit through a hole that is less than a quarter of an inch – smaller than a dime. That makes it important to have an expert review your property for mice and their entrance points.

Why Treat Mice Quickly – Risks of Mice

Mice are becoming more common in Seattle. It is important to get rid of mice quickly, before other mice move in and start families. If left untreated, mice can cause:

  • Disease – Mice carry a host of diseases, including bacteria like salmonella and leptospirosis. They may also carry hantavirus in their urine, a potentially deadly illness.  
  • Mice Damage Properties – Mice may eat at electrical wires risking a fire. They may also steal food, bite family photos, and more.
  • Mice Are Noisy/Smelly – Mice infestations create upsetting smells, keep people awake at night, and more.

When you have a mouse infestation in Seattle, it is important to call a trained mice control company right away.

Our Mice Extermination Process

Eliminating mice requires attention to detail. It is difficult to find mice. Our technicians seal every hole that mice can fit through and make it impossible for them to travel in or out.

Once every hole is sealed, we place mouse traps with special bait in likely areas that mice congregate. Trapped mice will eventually find their way to the traps until they are all eliminated.

Every time a trap catches a mouse, our team will come and remove it for free, replacing it with a new trap until they are all eliminated. If the problem continues, we’ll continue to send our technicians to identify why mice are still on the property until the problem is solved.

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