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Bee Removal

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Seattle Bee Removal with Pest Fighter

Bee Hive In Wall

Seattle is full of many types of bees. While many people refer to wasps as bees, they’re quite different. Bee removal and wasp control require different types of treatments.

Bees such as honeybees and bumble bees are beneficial to the environment. A bee’s nest should be removed and relocated by a beekeeper while wasp control services focus on killing and removing the wasp nest from your home or business.

Honeybees and Our Ecosystem

Bumble Bee on Flower

Honeybees do a lot more than just create honey. They’re also essential to our eco system. Bees are pollinators and play an important role in pollinating most of the plants in Washington and the surrounding Seattle area.

Pollen is the male sex cells that are vital to a plants reproductive cycle. It helps plants create seeds and fruit. It’s important to handle bee removal with care because it’s vital to the plants humans eat and reducing carbon dioxide in the air we breathe.

How Does Bee Removal Work?

Beehives are seasonally active. During the summer months the hive will be active but during the winter months bees hibernate and the hive will not be active. While bees might only live for several weeks, the hive can live on indefinitely.

Honeybees can be easy or difficult to remove depending on where they’re located and how long they’ve been there. If they’re a new swarm in a ball on a tree branch, they might disappear in a day or two. If the colony is in the walls of a residential or commercial property, more effort will be necessary to remove the beehive.

In the latter case, the best time to do bee removal is in early spring so the bees will have time to build up the nest before winter.

You’ll have to remove the walls of the structure to remove the beehive. This is because bees leave behind a scent. If the scent isn’t completely removed and all entry points sealed, more honeybees will return to the location and create a new nest.

For bumble bees, bee removal isn’t as difficult if you can wait a few months. A bumble bees’ nest isn’t active as long as a honeybee’s nest. Bumble bees will die after a few months and the nest will become inactive.

Call Pest Fighter for Bee Removal Service

Whether you need a bee removal service or wasp control Pest Fighter can help. First, we need to determine if you have a beehive or wasp nest. From there we’ll create a plan to remove the problem from your property.

Honeybees are beneficial to our environment, so we don’t exterminate bees or destroy the nest unless there’s a specific reason to do so. Instead, we’ve partnered with a local beekeeper assist in the removal of the colony.

First, we remove the pieces of the bee structure, then remove the bees as gently as possible to ensure they’re not harmed. Next, we remove the honeycomb, and move it to a new location so the hive can continue to grow.

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